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Since its creation, the Internet is often confused with the Web. The Web is a sort of application of the Internet that allows us to browse webpages on Internet sites with browsers such as Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Today, Internet holds immeasurable power and unlimited influence. The World Wide Web (www.) is freely accessible from the Internet to a global audience. It is no longer a mystery – it is a current, conventional, actual and cultural reality! Today, the Web is no longer an option but a requirement for any company that wants to succeed. Without your presence on the Web, in the short or long term, you are unfortunately condemned to failure. Art Systems Canada Inc. has more than 15 years’ experience in many areas of the web such as web site creation, web site programming for mobile phones, CMS (Content Management System), web marketing (SEO, SEM), e-commerce solutions, mass mailing subscriptions and online forms, online surveys, web videos as well as web banners.

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