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Computer technical support

Do you need help with your software or computer systems? Benefit from our technical support service on tools such as your cell phone, your e-mail, your software or on the web!

Talk to one of our customer service representatives; we offer support in all areas relating to the web (search engine, e-mail, website management, hosting, domain name management, etc.) and for any other inquiries on computer equipment (connection, network, software, display, how to plug things in, etc.).

Art Systems Canada Inc. has also uses its own technical support application for its customers. AS-TECH allows our technicians to connect remotely to the device you need support with in order to observe the issue or the particular demand, all this, live. Using this approach, this technology lets us resolve your issue as fast as possible all the while assisting you from beginning to end of the technical process.

Our request process for assistance or technical support is conducted in a proactive way in order to resolve the issue as fast as possible. This way, the user sends a request for assistance to one of our technicians: question, mishap, lack of understanding, issue, complaint, etc. The request will be reviewed immediately and will be rated according to its level of urgency – the latter being processed immediately or within 24 hours, with the help from one of our technical support agents.

To get assistance from one of technical support agents, contact us at 1-855-279-7754 or by e-mail A technician from Art Systems Canada Inc. will assist you in the way you find most convenient. We can help you by logging on with AS-TECH, by phone or directly at your office or home.




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