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Do you need to reach a large audience by sending e-mail messages? Direct marketing using electronic mail (e-mail) will be helpful. Officially, all e-mails sent to your customers or potential customers could be considered e-mailing. Whether it is for mass mailings of newsletters, bulletins, invitations, press releases, electronic cards, etc.; the beauty in large scale mailing is that of a much faster process than traditional mail and reaches an unrivaled amount of users with one click.

Designing a newsletter is amongst Art Systems Canada Inc.’s creative forces. Sending e-mail campaigns promises to be advantageous when it is designed according to marketing train of thought and applied as means of business communication. Our experts will guide you in your marketing approach.

Why mass-mailing?

We can help you create your messages in two ways: at the editorial level and at the graphic level. Of course, there is a risk to mass mailing – you certainly do not want, as a business, to be considered a spammer and ultimately end up on the Outlook or other mailing system’s black list! That is why we want to help you in the ethics of your mailing list. To increase your efficiency, do not forget to keep your e-mail list up to date.

In addition, mass mailings can become a source of important information for you. Art Systems Canada Inc. offers to read through the statistics of your mailings and generate quarterly reports to e-mail from an account. You will then have the tools to refine your marketing approach and e-marketing strategies. At Art Systems Canada Inc. we have tools we use regularly and for which we have detailed knowledge. We have tools available so you can make your mass e-mailing at any time after the first e-mailing and attend a demonstration from our support team. Feel free to design advertising campaigns by mass e-mailing and reach thousands of your potential or present customers!


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