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One of the most reoccurring usage of our computers is data handling. It is therefore essential to save your important information in an organized and convenient way. Your database is the root to collection, storage and usage of information in one place, also known as a database system.

The database management system will allow you to manipulate the stored information and will serve as the middleman between your database and its users in a safe, convenient and simple manner. Obviously, a database management system receives manipulation requests and will perform the tasks at hand while hiding the complexity of the operations required and provide a wide, organized view of its contents.

There are several types of databases, each with its own properties, depending on the way it will be used and the appearance of its designated content. The “sole office user” database will be prioritized for laptops, while a business will tend to provide access to the database by using a central system used by hundreds of employees. If your operations are intended for daily activities in which your applications need to emphasize on response speed and the capacity to handle multiple operations at once, you will need to use Online Transaction Processing (OLTP). In the case where you must perform massive operations compiling historical data to obtain statistics, inventory, census, and predictions, the “data warehouse” will support a huge amount of historical data, on a daily basis, from an operational database. Since the collected data will be used to perform analysis of such documents as temporal evaluation, statistics and other, the terminology used is OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

The most common programs used by Art Systems Canada Inc. to manage databases are MS Access, VBA (Visual Basic Access), MS SQL Server and MySQL. This greatly simplifies the daily tasks of its clients and makes sure the handling of the database is managed well.

Would you like to store your data in the digital world in order to be able to perform operations on a database management system? Intrust your database to us! We will ensure its content will be coherent, confidential and long-lasting, even should a crash occur!

Microsoft Access Programming

Specialized in MS Access programming, Art Systems Canada Inc. proposes to build an architecture for your specific needs. A database such as MS Access allows its users to generate effective management reports. Your operations can even be automated through a Visual Basic Access programming that will complement your MS Access database. Adding a VBA module has several advantages to be considered such as a significant time gain, the implementation of several additional operations, the accuracy of your forms and reports, etc.

MS Access also allows you to create a personalized internal management system. One of our specialties is in Access programming: creating a management system for your time sheets including your contracts, your fees, your billing and your quotes. The Access system can even help you keep track of your expenses and income.

Finally, increase your productivity, simplify the search for your data, organize the way the information is manipulated, and make sure your database management system is effective and comprehensive by contacting one of our expert database programmers today by contacting us 1-855-279-7754 or by e-mail at!


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