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Make sure your data is always protected – it is so crucial! Save, store and make sure your computer data is safe on a hard drive, USB key, tape backup. Or, save them in such a way that its status will be safe for a long time on independent media such as a servera, etc.

Which backup method is more convenient for you? The complete or full backup is the most simple, but does it suit your needs and budget? If you want to save time and space on your hard drive, there is also incremental and differential backup. At Art Systems Canada Inc., we’ll make sure to evaluate the best technological option according to your needs to ensure a profitable long term investment.

Following the selection of your backup method, you’ll also need a backup strategybackup on a server? On a system backup client? Internet backup?

A backup server will ensure the continuity of your activities through your computer system in case of failure. This strategy calls for either manual or auto-saving. What happens in case of power failure? A system backup on an automatic server will give you a warning and will make sure to save your data so you can recover it later. Your servers must be equipped with high capacity media such as rewritable optical drives (CD-R, DVD-R, etc.), hard drives, digital cartridge or tape backup. Make a wise decision for your business by keeping in mind their reusability and stability through time.

Saving your data on a client system, “backup” being the term most used by PC (Personal Computer) users, consists of storing the data on your PC or external media. Using your computer’s operating system, your backup will occur in the form of a given image at a given moment. This saving method might be useful, but its capacity is smaller than a backup server.

Internet backup is a viable option to add to your list, often simple and affordable or even free. Upload safeguard copies of your data online to a host site.

Art Systems Canada Inc. can help you build backup solutions, problem solving management and data backup software of all kinds. Call us at 1-855-279-7754.


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